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Front To Back Eccentric Presses

Welded D-Shape Steel Frame

The steel welded frame of this type of our presses has a ‘D’ shape design which provides the significant advantage of virtually eliminating the angular deflection even when using the maximum capacity of the press. This results in a very precise performance that is widely used in electronics, telecommunications, computers, household appliances, furnitureused, etc.

Welded C-Shape Steel Frame

The frame of ‘C-Frame’ press machines is fabricated from steel plates. Although these frames provide a better access to the die set area from the front and both sides of the press, the important factor of C-Gap, must be considered carefully.
In order to protect the C-gap from any distortion, besides designing the bodies based on engineering principles and benefiting from modern analyzing softwares, the necessary spots on the frame are reinforced to the point that the frame structure is placed within the international safety standards.
For both Dframee and Cframe presses After welding, the stress relieving process takes place. Then, the essential surfaces of the fixed and moving parts and the shafts will go through a careful machining process with boring machines.
The precise ram-to-plate parallelism and the vertical angle of the Ram’s movement towards the bolster plates, sustained for years due to the precision of the above procedures. Consequently, besides the high quality production, the durability of the press machines and dies will increase

Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP)

This type of press is equipped with Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP). HOLP is a system that senses an overload condition in a mechanical press and releases hydraulic pressure in a collapsible cylinder, thereby allowing the slide to be pushed upward by the overload force. The primary purpose of the system is to prevent damage to the press in the event of overload. It is standard feature on modern, well-designed general-purpose presses.
In addition to protecting the press components, HOLPS can at times:
  • Help protect a die
  • Stop operation in a dangerous condition
  • Release a press that is stuck on bottom
  • Sense a die that needs sharpening
  • Reduce connection clearance
  • Sense extreme off-center loads

Motorized Slide Adjusting Device

For presses with the capacity of 120 tons and higher, the motorized slide adjusting device is adopted with a thin brake motor and operated with push buttons. It provides stable positioning, accuracy and quick adjustment

Easy-to-Use Slide Adjusting Device

Simple, reliable manual slide adjuster with 0.1mm increment indicator for presses with under 100 tons capacity.


Dual Solenoid Air Valve (Specialized Press Safety Valves)

Irregularity in servicing the pneumatic valves of the clutch/brake and any case of malfunction in them might be very hazardous. To avoid the incidents caused by any faults in the clutch valve and the brake, specialized valves should be incorporated instead of common valves. This valve, whose common name is dual solenoid air valve, consists of two linked serial valves. If these two separate self-checking valves in one body do not operate in unison, or there is a failure in either one, a signal is sent to the press control to shut it down until the issue is solved.

Pneumatic Ram Balancing

Taking advantage of pneumatic jacks, resembling the adjustable vertical force of a spring, a vertical force will produce to decrease the weight of the ram and the attached die. Thus, not only will the looseness of the moving parts in the ram be illuminated, but also the power flow of the electromotor will be reduced to save energy.

High performance Wet type Clutch/Brake system

In the Wet Clutch/Brake system, the clutch unit runs in oil bath and provides higher performance and longer life compared to the regular dry clutch systems.

Six point flat slide guides

These guides are designed with extra length and surface area to provide the greatest possible resistance to slide tipping caused by off-centre loading in the die. The eight point slide guides have very small clearance and are contained within the press column, providing the ultimate resistance to lateral slide motion often found in large progressive die presses.

Control System

In our control system, convenient operation has joined up with safety. The followings are different control modes suitable for various functions and conditions.
- Inching: on this mode, the operator’s commend, engages the clutch momentarily resulting in slight movement (by millimetres) of the ram. This eases up the initial adjustments and the process of attaching the die set.
- Two Hands: This mode is suitable when the die is not equipped with a guard which endangers the hands of operators. While the ram is going downward, if the operator releases one of the two operating buttons, the ram stops instantly.

- Pedal: in case the die comes with safety guards such as Photocell safety guard (safety light curtain) to secure the operator’s hands, pedal makes the production safer and faster.
- Automatic: this mode is used when automation equipments (Feeders) are in operation.
- Reverse cycle: This mode functions when attaching or adjusting dies or in case the die is locked (stocked).
For the costumers, In order to provide convenient access to the spare parts and reduce their dependency on the manufacturer, all of the commend panels benefit from the PLCs manufactured by the most qualified and reputable brands such as ‘Siemens’. Moreover, the rest of the electrical parts are high quality products from well-known manufacturers with legitimate agencies in Iran and other countries to provide excellent after-sale services.

In case of any error or malfunction in the system, such as low air pressure and lack of oil, in addition to automatic stop, the problem will be reported on the LCD monitor while the relevant warning light is turned on. For the safety reasons, all commends operate with 24 Volt electric power.

Automatic central lubrication system

All bearings and guides are automatically lubricated periodically from the starting point with an electric pump. The starting time, duration, amount and the period of oiling for each part is adjustable and should be adjusted in accordance with the operation speed.

Set Up and Instructions, 12 Month Guarantee and 10 years After-Sales Services

After the transportation process, on the customer’s request, K.P.C’s technicians will be sent to the operating site to set up and start the machine following by instructing the operational and the maintenance factors. Provided the die is ready, upon the request of the costumer, our technicians will handle the attaching process and initial adjustments to prepare the machine for production tests. All points mentioned above are free of charge. Also, all of the mechanical parts are guaranteed for 12months after the machine starts to operate. Furthermore, K.P.C holds the responsibility of providing after-sale service (sending technicians, supplying the required spare parts) for at least 10 years.

Technical documents

Since we aim at making our costumers independent of the manufacturer to a great extent, although we hold the full responsibility of the best after-sale services, we offer a very comprehensive set of technical documents to our customers. These documents include:
- Complete diagrams and measurements of the machine frames, electronic and pneumatic circuits
- Complete planes and sequenced instructions for the mechanical montage, ram and the bolsters
- Operation and maintenance, set-up and installation instructions.
- Appropriate methods of transportation.
- List of entire parts and components with related codes
- Source program of the PLC

Optional Accessories

Safety light Curtain (Photocell safety guard)

In order to increase the operator safety especially when the pedal is in use, safety light curtain is strictly advised. Taking advantage of two mirrors, the entire space between the ram and the bolsters will be secured.

Pneumatic Cushion

In the most cases of the ‘forming’ or ‘pulling’ dies, the press machines must be equipped with cushions. The upward force producing by the cushions prevents the product from distortion. Also it contributes to the ejecting action in the process of removing the product from the die.

Crank angle encoder and indicator

By installing an encoder and its related accessories, the exact angel of the crank will be visible on the control panel monitor. When the automation equipment is attached to the press machine, an encoder will facilitate the synchronizing process and required adjustments for various die sets.

Coil Feeding Accessories

Considerable increase in production rate, notable decrease in human resources and its resulting overload costs and human errors, substantial reduction in material wastes and contribution to the operators’ safety are some of the significant facts about using automation equipments. Design, Manufacturing and installing the automation equipments such as various types of decoilers, straighteners and feeders (mechanical, pneumatic, servo feeders) are some other services providing by the K.P.C.

Variable speed drive (inverter)

Installing an Inverter enables the users to control the speed of the press by controlling the cycling rate of the electromotor. When taking advantage of automation equipments, the ability of controlling the pressing speed could be very beneficial and provides more flexibility to build variety of products.